My brothers are bleeding
My sisters are moaning 
My mother land is weeping
Why my master,
My sanctioned leader,
Why do you turn your back on us,
Why do you not see our tears.

You call it sin
I call it rebellion.
It's not for dominance
It's not for power
It's just for our mere existence
It's just to free our sons and daughters.

The mud of Kashmir has turned crimson red
But my overloard is still colour blind
His black and white vision
Has killed our souls
His egoistic ambitions
Has poisiond our kind.
Stuck between this Cain and Abel fight
I lost my soverginity 
We lost our dignity.

Our fate was dictated
Never created
Our ideas were condemned
Never endowed
Our art was burned 
Never admired

They tied our hands
They cut our tongues
But we will still act
We will still shout
Maybe not with words 
But louder than the loudest voice
Till you hear our cry 
Till you acknowledge our fear

Bharat ki barbadi tak nahi,
Lekin Meri aazadi tak,
Jung rehegi, jung rehegi. 

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