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Introductory Reading List for the Conflict in Kashmir

Frontline Articles on Jammu and Kashmir

Click here to view the PDF with the links to the articles. The PDF was last updated on 9th October 2018. Please comment on this post if any of the links are non-functional.

Articles and Books

Noorani, A.G. “The Kashmir Dispute: 1947 – 2012: I&II” Oxford University Press. 2013.

• Noorani, A.G. “Article 370 – A constitutional history of Jammu and Kashmir.” Oxford University Press. 2011. Noorani, A.G. “The Kashmir Dispute: 1947 – 2012: I&II” Oxford University Press. 2013.

• Snedden, Christopher. “Understanding Kashmir and Kashmiris”. Oxford University  Press. 2015. 

• Lamb, Alastair. “Kashmir: Birth of a tragedy”. Roxford Books. 1994. 

• Staniland, Paul. “Kashmir since 2003: Counterinsurgency and the Paradox of Normalcy.” Asian Survey. 2013.

• Duschinski, Haley; Bhan, Mona;  Zia, Ather; Mahmood, Cynthia. “Resisting Occupation in Kashmir.”  University of Pennsylvania. 2018.

• Robinson, Cabeiri, “Body of Victim, Body of Warrior.” University of California Press. 2013.
• Staniland, Paul. “Organizing Insurgency: Networks, Resources, and Rebellion in South Asia.” MIT Press. 2012

• Oldenburg, Philip. “Uneasy Neighbours.” India International Centre Quarterly. 2011.

• Batool, Essar. “Do you remember Kunan Poshpora?” Zubaan Publishing House. 2016.

• Sirnate, Vasundhara. “Kashmir’s Crossroads”. Foreign Affairs. 2015.

• Rashid, Mehmood. “Why Kashmir’s armed insurgency is not a Variant of Terrorism.” Economic and Political Weekly. 2018.

• Wildmen, Sten. “The Rise and Fall of Democracy in Kashmir.” University of California Press. 1997.

• Fair, C. Christine. “Insights from a Database of Lashkar-e-Taiba and Hizb-ul-Mujahideen Militants.” Journal for Strategic Studies. 2014. Noorani, A.G. “The Kashmir Dispute: 1947 – 2012: I&II” Oxford University Press. 2013.

• Noorani, A.G. “Article 370 – A constitutional history of Jammu and Kashmir.” Oxford University Press. 2011. Noorani, A.G. “The Kashmir Dispute: 1947 – 2012: I&II” Oxford University Press. 2013.

• Snedden, Christopher. “Understanding Kashmir and Kashmiris”. Oxford University  Press. 2015. 

Non-academic books

• Sajad, Malik. “Munnu: A boy from Kashmir.” Fourth Estate. 2015. 

• Peer, Basharat. “Curfewed Night.” Random House. 2010.

• Waheed, Mirza. “The Collaborator.” Penguin Books. 2011. 

• Kak, Sanjay. “Until My Freedom has Come.” Penguin. 2011.

• Ali, Agha Shahid. “The Country Without a Post-office.” Graham House Review. 1997.

• Levy, Adrian; Scott-Clark, Cathy, “The Meadow : The Kashmir Kidnapping That Changed The Face Of Modern Terrorism.” Penguin India. 2012.

• Roy, Arundhati. “Kashmir – the case for freedom.” Verso Books. 2011.

Autobiographies and Biographies

• Abdullah, Sheikh. “Aatish-e-Chinar.” Ali Mohammad and Sons. 1985. (Translation by Khushwant Singh is available)

• Qasim, Mir. “My Life and Times.” Allied Publishers Limited. 1992. 

• Jagmohan. “My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir.” Allied Publishers Limited. 1991. 

• Geelani, Syed Ali Shah, “Wular ke Kinaray – Vol I, II, III.” Millat Publications. (Translation awaited).

Documentaries that can be watched online

• Jashn-e-Azadi (The Celebration of Freedom)

• Insha Allah Kashmir (If Allah Wills, Kashmir)

• Amnesty Youtube series – Broken families

Press Articles

• Jha, Prem. “The rise of Kashmir’s Second Intifada.” The Wire. 2016. 

• Noorani, A.G. “It is a Revolt.” Frontline. 2016

• Noorani, A.G. “Hypocrisy in Kashmir.” Frontline. 2017.

• Sirnate, Vansundhara. “New semantics of state in Kashmir.” The Hindu. 2015.

• Puranam, Elisabeth. “Kashmir: A story of defiance amid grief.” Aljazeera. 2016.

Important Organisations

○ Jamaat-i-Islami
• Maqbool, Shahid. “Religion and Politics: Contestation, Protest and Reform of Jama’at-i-Islami in Kashmir.” IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science. 2017.

○ People’s Democratic Party
• Chowdhary, Rekha. “Elections 2002: Implications for Politics of Separatism.” Economic and Political Weekly. 2003.

○ National Conference
• Chowdhary, Rekha. “National Conference of Jammu and Kashmir.” Economic and Political Weekly. 2004.

Major Events

○ Rigging of elections,1987
• Donthi, Praveen. “How Mufti Sayeed Shaped the 1987 elections in Kashmir” Caravan Magazine. 2016.

○ Gawkadal Massacre, 1990
• “Gawkadal Massacre, a case.” Kashmir Life. 2013.

○ Sopore Massacre, 1993
• “Sopore: a case of extra judicial killings in Kashmir.” Amnesty International, 1993

○ First election in 1996 after 6.5 years of President’s rule 
• Navlakha, Gautam. “Political Situation in Kashmir: Duped by Media and Government.” Economic and Political Weekly. 1996. 

○ Amarnath Land Row, 2008
• “Amarnath Land Row – Chronology of Events.” Greater Kashmir. 2008.

○ Nelofar, Asiya rape case, 2009
• Polgreen Lydia. “Two killings stoke Kashmiri Rage at Indian Forces.” The New York Times. 2009. 

○ Machil fake encounter, 2010
• Bukhari, Shujaat. “Machil Encounter Case – Dashed hopes.” Economic and Political Weekly. 2017. 
• “2010 Killings Admitted.” Kashmir Life. 2017

○ Hanging of Afzal Guru, 2013 
• Mohan, Vishwa. “Afzal Guru hanged, remains in Tihar; no last wish, refused to eat.” Times of India. 2013.
• Roy, Arundhati. “The Hanging of Afzal is a Stain on Indian Democracy.” The Guardian. 2013. 
• Bukhari, Shujaat. “How Afzal Guru’s hanging renewed militancy in Kashmir.” The Friday Times. 2018.
• Handoo, Bilal, “The Untold Story of Afzal Guru.” Kashmir Narrator. 2018. 

○ Student Uprising, 2017
• Zia, Ather. “Resistance is a way of life for Kashmiri youth.” Aljazeera. 2017.
Killing of Burhan Wani, 2016
• Waheed, Mirza. “India’s Crackdown in Kashmir: Is this world’s first mass blinding?” The Guardian. 2016. 

○ Kathua rape case, 2018
• Yasir, Sameer. “Kathua Rape Case: How the crime was committed and who are the key accused.” Firstpost. 2018.

Crucial Actors

○ Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah 
• Puri, Balraj. “The Era of Sheikh Abdullah – I & II”. Economic and Political Weekly. 1983. 
• Puri, Balraj. “What to do with Sheikh Abdullah?”. Economic and Political Weekly. 1965.

○ Farooq Abdullah 
• Puri, Balraj. “The Farooq Doctrine.” Economic and Political Weekly. 2000. 
• Puri, Balraj. “Rajiv – Farooq Accord, what went wrong.” Economic and Political Weekly. 1989. 

○ Mufti Mohammad Sayeed 
• Donthi, Praveen. “The Collaborator – How Mufti Mohammad Sayeed became Delhi’s Man in Kashmir.” Caravan Magazine. 2015.  

○ Maqbool Bhat
• Fayyaz, Ahmad. “In Tihar Graveyard, a grim reminder of history.” The Hindu. 2016. 

○ Syed Ali Shah Geelani 
• Sikand, Yoginder. “Jihad, Islam and Kashmir. Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s Political Project.” Economic and Political Weekly. 2010.

○ Abdul Gani Lone 
• Chowdhary, Rekha. “Lone’s Liberal Legacy.” Economic and Political Weekly. 2002.

○ Dr Qasim Faktoo
• “Dr Qasim Faktoo: The Heart Wrenching Tale of Sacrifice and Sufferings.” Kashmir Leader. 2017. 

○ Burhan Wani 
• Sultan, Aasif. “The Rise of Burhan.” Kashmir Narrator. 2018. {The author was arrested by the Indian state and sent to judicial custody after this article was published}.
• Donthi, Praveen. “Season of discontent.” Caravan Magazine. 2016. {Before Burhan’s killing}.  
• Donthi, Praveen. “The Iron Cage.” Caravan Magazine. 2016. {After Burhan’s killing}.

Organizations to Follow

Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society

Greater Kashmir

Kashmir Narrator

Kashmir Life 

Kashmir Reader

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