the night pays homage
to the beguiling voices
humming elegies
with wounded tongues,
remembering how
the earthen nooks
plagiarized the hesitant souls
from the kindled bodies
last night…

the night gazes
with converse glares
at the sketches of
drawn on the dejected
pathways by the
remains of viscid blood.

the night hums
to the suspended tears
of the swollen eyes,
the song of ‘Sorrow’
that blossoms from
the broken attics,
touching the strings
Of unspoken grief.

the night follows
tiptoes of hollow existence,
concealing the murdered dreams
spinning around
the aches of yore.

the night
entangled in sullen sadness
withers from the
faint whispers
& dark boughs
to mourn over
the corpses of the
weeping Vale. 

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