I am an insecure 'man'

Man coming from an insignificant 'land'

Land filled with falsely accused 'people'

People who you claim have 
‘manipulated’, ‘manufactured’, ‘Pakistani identity’ 

Identity that has now our curse

Curse that we were born there as Muslims

Muslim, I believe that's where the problem lies

Lies that you have constructed stating that we are not you

It has all just become about you 

You, just you have the right to dream 

Dreams have now become a privilege

Privilege that I don't have,
we, collectively don't have there as people

People from land I come  just have will

Will that just needs a kick to be shattered

Shattered are our hopes

Hopes of not having our kids blinded

Blinded were thousands 

Thousands more have been killed

Killed merciless by your  army, 
later their families by the words of your media

Media has made us your enemy

Enemy for us now is your army


All I have for you is silence
Silence ....
All I have for you is silence


Just silence 

And more silence 

Till that silence  reverberates in your head,

till your conscience cries out for mercy

Mercy that we have been denied

Denied has been the right to dignity

Dignity of those you raped in Kunan Poshpura

So dear army, let me get this straight
I have been sitting in that corner, 
crying dead for long just like my martyred brother and sisters 

And countless others whose name
And ages you would never know
But today, I won’t remain silent 
I will rise, 
I will rise,
I will rise
And I will fight 
I will fight
With my fist up high 
And a stone in my hand, aiming directly towards you
Which I am sure you will kill me for
And then label me as a Pakistan influenced jihadi 
And the bunch of 8 year olds and 10 year olds you will kill alongside 
you will be call them ”collateral damage" 
Sometimes even worse "Pakistan's child soldiers"
But when we die, 
We rest in our graves, all we will have for you again will be silence 
And more silence
Just silence 
Till that silence
The noise of it 
Makes you cry out for mercy
Just like we have

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